How To Clean And Maintain Commercial Vacuum Cleaners

One thing that you can do to elongate the life of a commercial vacuum cleaner is to treat it well. Proper maintenance, cleaning, and storage play an important role in the overall function of your vacuum cleaner. The investment you make into your cleaning tools will last you longer if you take small conscious steps of deep cleaning from time to time. In this blog post, our technicians are sharing a few easy and helpful ways you can improve your maintenance, repairs, and cleaning of commercial vacuum cleaners. If you have questions about any commercial cleaning products, please contact our team and we would be happy to answer your questions and also help you make the best decision for your business and commercial cleaning needs. 

  • Commercial vacuums and cleaning equipment are expensive investments that should last a long time. 
  • Having a regular maintenance schedule is essential for all commercial cleaning equipment.
  • Without proper machine maintenance, downtime and repair costs can become significant. 
  • If ignored for too long, repairing costs can have an impact on your company’s bottom line. 

If you have a commercial cleaning company and use a large number of commercial vacuums and machines, it’s beneficial to have a commercial cleaning equipment professional inspect and maintain your equipment and perform regular maintenance to ensure your machinery is well looked after and functioning at its optimum performance. A professional will be able to save you the hassle and money to replace machines due to poor maintenance. 

Cleaning Your Commercial Vacuum Cleaner Adelaide

To maintain your vacuum there are a few easy cleaning tasks you should be handling every single time you use your commercial vacuum or other heavy-duty cleaning product. Some simple tasks include:

Wiping Down: After each use, it is recommended to give a quick wipe down and clean the exterior of your vacuum. This will prevent any dust or dirt build-up which can get inside and interfere with the proper functioning if ignored for too long. 

Inspecting And Cleaning The Power Cord: A power cord of a commercial-grade vacuum gets dragged across the floor surface and through the mess that you are cleaning. Make sure to inspect the power cord from time to time to check for any damage. Do remember to give it a proper wipe down and keep it clean from any dirt. 

Clean The Vacuum: Just as you clean the exterior it is essential to keep the interior clean as well. You can do this step when the interiors of a vacuum are accessed during bags or filters changing. You should wipe down the inside of the vacuum to remove dirt and debris that could cause issues in the future.

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