Commercial Cleaning Contractors

SA Sweepers and Scrubbers is one of the leading commercial cleaning companies in Adelaide, known for its reliable delivery of outstanding commercial and corporate cleaning services in Adelaide. We work with individual clients to tailor a schedule and cleaning approach which works around the needs of your business while delivering the best long-term and short-term outcomes. Whether you would like cleaning to occur on a weekly, fortnightly or as-needed basis, our expert team can cater to any requirement.

A Commitment to Safety and Efficiency

Safety and performance are two of our key priorities. Our machines, be they ride-on or walk-behind, can have the potential to cause injury to operators, bystanders or damage property if used incorrectly. That is why, when under our care, our machines are operated by trained professionals who have undergone adequate training and hold necessary safety certificates. By using our equipment in this manner, we are able to provide a seamless service and a flawless end result. When hiring out our machinery, we ensure that all clients understand how to properly use and maintain our equipment, and to use it to get the best sweeping or scrubbing finish.

Cleaning is about more than just keeping up appearances; it’s also about maintaining a safe working environment for employees and customers alike. Spills can be a workplace hazard, whereas scuffs or marks can eventually wear away the material of your floor. A regular clean will help to maximise the lifespan of your floor, while also helping to keep it looking good.

Commercial Cleaning in Adelaide for All Businesses

Sweepers and scrubbers can be used to clean a huge number of workplaces. Keeping large areas clean is no easy feat, but by using electronic machines, large scale floors can be cleaned in a matter of hours. Our equipment is regularly used for factories, business carparks, garages, warehouses, grocery stores and more. Sweepers are ideal for managing dry debris, whereas the water tank component of a scrubber can help to tackle more difficult stains, such as caked on mud or spillages. While we offer individual machines across our range, many clients find that a hybrid solution will give them the deepest clean.

Whether you need commercial or industrial cleaning services in Adelaide, get in touch with the cleaning professionals at SA Sweepers and Scrubbers.